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New Payroll Software


At PKF Francis Clark Payroll, we are continually looking to improve our service to our clients and from 2022, we are upgrading our payroll software to a new automated cloud-based provider – Paycircle.

What does this mean for our Payroll Clients?

Paycircle is accessed via the web; employers and employees will have their own unique online portal to access the information they need, when and where they need it.

Our Clients will upload their data monthly onto the Paycircle portal.  We will then collect and process the data from the Paycircle portal, sending them a report to review and approve, after which, we’ll send their employees their payslips on an agreed date.

Why are we Updating our Payroll Software?

Paycircle is modern, simple and secure.

Payroll in the cloud empowers teams, streamlines payroll processes, improves and speeds up communications and removes unnecessary admin.

Paycircle has a great user experience with an easy-to-use portal that’s accessible via your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

There are lots of advantages to managing payroll in the cloud:

The Benefits of Cloud Payroll

  • Easy Access
The Paycircle Cloud application is fast; it’s easily accessible over any Wi-Fi or 4G connection.
  • Security you can Trust

Paycircle is fully encrypted and secure because everything is managed online via secure portals.

Working collaboratively on a cloud-based platform has many data security benefits as modern cloud platforms come with in-built security. With everything managed online via secure portals, companies are no longer exposed to the risks that are inherent with uploading and downloading data.

  • User Friendly
Our payroll portal is easy to use and easy to navigate. You can access your portal via your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop anytime and from any location where there is a Wi-Fi or 4G connection.
  • Step-by-step Process
The new cloud portal has a built-in payroll process management guide that tracks and manages processing deadlines from the data gathering stage, all the way through to running payroll and paying your team.
  • Email Reminders
Get gentle nudges and reminders for your payroll processing deadlines. Timely email reminders help everyone stay on track, which helps to reduce a last-minute rush.
  • Online access to reports
It’s easy to view all of your payroll reports online, there’s no need to download them. Unless you want to, of course and then that’s easy too!
  • Payroll Data Archive
Paycircle’s cloud platform includes a full audit trail of every action and activity related to each payroll processed, which gets stored with every completed payroll. This keeps everything in one place for easy access to saved information, if needed later
  • Employee Portal

Every employee gets their own portal, which is unique to them and goes with them wherever they go, even if they leave your company. Employees can access their portal from any device, 24/7 x 365 days a year and it stores all of their payslip documents and other payroll and pension related documents. There’s also an online payslip and handy stats to provide top level pay information at a glance.

“I love how easy it is to view my payslip on my mobile and how much more information it gives me”  

Paycircle User

  • Employee FAQs
The employee portal also comes complete with answers to questions around pay changes and tax code changes along with tips and advice when contacting HMRC. This helps people to understand their pay and, in turn, reduces the queries from them.

The New Payroll Process

Your new cloud portal is your company’s own unique place to send and receive all of your sensitive payroll data. The steps in the below link show you four simplified steps of the payroll process and how you can use your portal during each step.

The Payroll Process is explained here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The changes to the new Paycircle software will start from July 2022. We’ll ask our clients to migrate in phases and we’ll let them know in advance via email when they will be migrated. We’ll send clients a guide on what they need to do before they migrate, how to navigate the migration process and how to log on.

Here’s a guided tour of your new payroll portal, with explanations and videos, so that you can start to get acquainted with your new environment. You can familiarise yourself with your portal’s features and also with your employee’s portal experience too

For a complete guide to using PayCircle, please click here.

With the move to Paycircle software, your employees now have their own secure pay portal that is unique to them and it stays active even if they leave your company – it’s theirs forever.

They can access their payslips and all other pay related documents such as P60s and P45s online and if they have an active workplace pension, they can access their pension information online too. Their new pay portal is easy to use and has been designed to help them understand their pay and answer any questions that they may have about their pay and tax.

Benefits of the new pay portal:

  • View your payslips online in the cloud, any time and from any device.
  • Download your payslips In a format accepted for mortgage applications and loan agreements.
  • Store all of your pay documents securely – for as long as you want.
  • Get email notifications when you have new documents to view.
  • Get more clarity around your pay and tax calculations with online tips and tools.

Help and support at the touch of a button

Intuitive and interactive help and support guides are available directly inside the app. The pay portal has a packed library of articles, videos and tutorials always just one click away. Look out for the support icon on every page.

Employees can take a look at the following videos to get to know their portals:

A tour of your pay portal

Guide to employee registration

 Resetting forgotten passwords

Your Payroll Administrator is here to help with your transition to Paycircle and answer questions.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions and keep checking this web page for updates.

What do our clients say?

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