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Auto Enrolment Services

Pension Auto Enrolment Made Easy

We offer pension auto enrolment services as part of our bespoke suite of payroll solutions. Since 2012, UK businesses have been legally obliged to offer a workplace pension to all employees. But as of February 2018, it’s no longer enough to offer a pension to new employees. You have to enrol them automatically. Hence the term auto enrolment.

Fail to comply with this and the consequences can be serious, with daily fines of up to £10,000. Spare yourself the costs and embarrassment associated with non-compliance. Allow our team of experienced payroll specialists to take care of your automatic enrolment.

What Is Pension Auto Enrolment?

It is a legal requirement for all UK businesses that employ at least one person to automatically enrol new employees in a workplace pension scheme. This is a crucial part of the onboarding process, and one that many employers grapple with. You may wonder which employees are eligible for auto enrolment, whether they’re obliged to remain in your workplace pension scheme, or how to manage your auto enrolment process. Not to mention the fact that all of the processes involved in enrolment can be incredibly time consuming.

This is where we come in. Our team of payroll experts can manage your auto enrolment scheme on your behalf, leaving you with more time to focus on the business-critical aspects of your operations.


How Does Pension Auto Enrolment Work?

Automatic enrolment is an example of ‘nudge economics’. It is designed to shift the onus from employee to employer when it comes to setting up a workplace pension. Setting up a qualifying work place pension scheme can be difficult, especially for new and smaller businesses. There are various employer duties and strict responsibilities to staff that you’ll need to fulfil in order to remain compliant.

These include:

Choosing a qualifying pension scheme to roll out
Determining how many of your employees are eligible for auto enrolment schemes
Confirming pension contribution amounts for employees
The completion and filing of the pension declaration form to the pension regulator
Setting up systems to assess the changing circumstances of employees and how they affect their pension contributions
Ensuring suitable channels of communication with employees and pension providers, giving your team control over their contributions
Understanding minimum contributions to remain compliant
Creating and maintaining accurate records of employees, contributions, and opt outs

Auto Enrolment – Who Is Eligible?

If they meet this eligibility, employees must automatically be enrolled into a pension plan by their employers. Otherwise, employers will have to face the cost of non-compliance. There are also pension auto enrolment exemptions. Under current legislation, any employee earning £6,240 per year or less is also entitled to join a scheme. However, they do not need to be automatically enrolled. This may change in the future.

Pension Auto Enrolment Contributions

By law, employers are obliged to make minimum contributions to the pensions of auto enrolled employees. Minimum contributions are typically based on an employee’s qualifying earnings. These include not only wages, but overtime, bonuses and commission payments.

Mandatory benefits like statutory sick pay, maternity, paternity and adoption pay are also included. The minimum overall contribution is currently 8% of an employee’s qualifying earnings. As an employer, you are responsible for paying in three percent of qualifying earnings under current pension auto enrolment legislation. You can, of course, pay more if you choose. The remaining 5% comes from the employee’s own contributions.

Auto Enrolment Opt Out explained

Under pension auto enrolment regulations, employers are also obliged to allow employees to opt out. There are many reasons employees may choose to do this.

Whatever the employee’s reasons, the employer needs to be able to facilitate an opt out, however must not coerce the employee to opt out. Instead, they should provide information that details the options available.

The Key Benefits of Auto Enrolment Management

A fully managed auto enrolment service allows you to meet your auto enrolment obligations to your employees. Without all the distraction and administrative hassle of doing it all by yourself. With expert guidance and assistance, you can get a tailored auto enrolment plan that’s built around your needs.

The benefits of this include:

Reducing risks

Staying compliant with workplace pensions can be tricky. Especially when legislation is always changing. When we manage your scheme, we take the legwork out of auto enrolment compliance for you, including liaising with the Pensions Regulator. So you can operate with peace of mind, knowing that an experienced team is managing your ongoing compliance

Keeping costs low

It isn’t always cost-effective to do everything yourself. Our cost-efficient systems and processes have been developed to save time, effort and money. Savings that we can pass on to you.

Removing distractions

Whatever your business does, we’re guessing you’d rather be doing that than handling auto enrolment. We take care of all your pension auto enrolment admin needs, leaving you free to focus on the things that will grow your business, increase your revenue, and build your brand.

Pension Auto Enrolment Services
from FC Payroll Solutions

At FC Payroll Solutions, we are your one-stop shop for all your auto enrolment needs. We make it easy to manage your pensions and stay on the right side of compliance. Our bespoke auto enrolment services are built around your needs, fitting in seamlessly with your operations.

Why Choose Us?

We work with you to take care of all the admin surrounding your pension scheme and automatic enrolment.

This includes:

Identify which employees will be affected by auto enrolment
Determining when your duties start
Completing your declaration of compliance with the pension regulator
Establishing lines of communication with your team to keep them up-to-date
Auto enrolling new and eligible team members
Periodical re-enrolment of qualifying employees who are not yet in a pension scheme
Advising on salary sacrifice to help minimise costs
Handling employees who want to opt out
Providing ongoing support and administration as your business and workforce grow

Our auto enrolment service takes care of the hard work for you, supporting you and your employees every step of the way. Get in touch to find out more.

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