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Manufacturing and Engineering Payroll Services

At FC Payroll Solutions, we deliver services tailored to the needs of your industry. In manufacturing and engineering, your plant and systems need to be perfectly calibrated and well maintained. We think your HR processes should work in the same way.

As a Bacs-approved bureau, we understand the headaches that can come with payroll and tax compliance. That’s why we offer high quality, scalable and specialist services to take care of every aspect of your operation’s payroll. When you’re not distracted by administrative processes such as payroll, you’re better positioned to deliver excellence in your operations.

Payroll Solutions for the Manufacturing and Engineering Sector

Businesses in the manufacturing and engineering sector are in a constant struggle for productivity and profitability. It’s all about automating and streamlining processes, to maintain the same quality and efficiency that build your reputation.

In this climate, the last thing you need is time-consuming, manual and paper-based processes. Especially when it comes to your payroll. Outsourcing your payroll to us can help you improve the operational and cost efficiency of your business.

We have decades of shared payroll experience and an in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing and engineering sector. This allows us to deliver a range of bespoke payroll support and solutions that are built around your operation’s needs. We are HMRC accredited, so you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your payroll and tax needs are covered.


How Does Payroll Outsourcing Work?

Payroll can be a complicated business. It involves setting up a series of complex processes that are exacerbated by tax and pensions compliance. Double shifts, overtime rates and performance-related bonuses can also create additional headaches. What’s more, when mistakes are made by managers whose attention is spread too thin, it can have a significant effect on everything from employee morale and productivity to cash flow.

As an accredited Bacs-approved bureau, we work with banks to ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time. Our bespoke services are built around your needs and budget. So that you enjoy peace of mind without unnecessary add-ons and costs. Outsourcing your manufacturing payroll can directly address the pain points your industry faces.

Scalable solutions for rapid growth

The engineering and manufacturing sectors are growing globally. But with rapid deployment comes a range of logistical challenges. Not least of which is ensuring governance over payroll and HR systems.

A surge in growth needs to be buoyed by a strong team of talented employees. All of whom deserve to be fairly and promptly remunerated. Our scalable solutions are designed to keep your payroll needs covered as your organisation grows. All while remaining in line with HMRC’s requirements.

Managing pensions contributions

While tax is a huge part of payroll compliance, businesses in the manufacturing and engineering sectors also have to manage pension plans and auto enrolment.

As of 2018, auto enrolment has been mandatory for new employees. But many manufacturing and engineering firms struggle with the logistics of managing pension contributions. Outsourcing your payroll ensures that auto enrolment and pension contributions are taken care of.

Keeping up with legislative changes

The engineering & manufacturing sector has to be extremely mindful of legislation such as health and safety. As such, it is no stranger to legislative changes. But businesses in this sector often find that payroll brings with it its own legislative considerations. Minimum wage requirements, National Insurance contributions, and changing rules around Employment Allowances can be tricky to navigate. And the cost of non compliance can be extremely high.

Outsourcing your payroll means that you can leave all matters of compliance to the experts. So your business stands up to scrutiny whatever legislative changes may come along.

Managing complex payroll needs across multiple factories and projects

If you manage multiple sites handling multiple projects, your logistical headaches are multiplied. Keeping your team happy, motivated and productive can ensure healthy revenues across multiple sites.

Our suite of payroll solutions is infinitely scalable and can be applied to multiple sites as your business grows. Complex pay arrangements are no problem, either. We can support you to manage multiple projects across multiple sites at different rates of pay.

Why Outsource Your Engineering or Manufacturing Payroll?

Harmonious payroll means happy and motivated staff, fewer distractions and a safer, more productive operation. Even small mistakes in payroll can lead to compliance issues, disgruntled employees and damage to your brand’s reputation.

Our team of experts can save you time, money and logistical headaches by handling all of your payroll services and operations.

You can count on our bespoke solutions to cover all your payroll needs including:

Making sure flexible and part-time workers are paid in line with HMRC’s requirements
Taking care of mandatory benefits like statutory sick pay, maternity / paternity pay etc.
Covering voluntary benefits like bonuses or holiday pay
Making pay and benefits calculations for staff on zero-hours contracts
Managing complex payments like overtime, split shifts and double shifts
Handling emergency call-out payments
Taking care of pension deductions ensuring workplace pension enrolment compliance
Deducting student loan payments
Managing deductions for union subscriptions
Calculating gross payments
Carrying out compliance checks for National Minimum Wage and Working Time Regulations

We’re also always on hand to offer specialist advice and support. With everything taken care of on your behalf, you can focus on doing what you do best: delivering operational excellence to your clients!

Why choose FC Payroll Solutions?

Your payroll is extremely important. You need to be incredibly discerning about who you trust with it.


So, why trust us?

We are an award-winning provider with an experienced team of 37 payroll professionals. Our client base encompasses over 1,200 businesses across various sectors. We support everyone from micro businesses with one or two employees to enterprise-level companies with a workforce of thousands.

We’ve spent years getting to know the needs and frustrations of clients in the engineering and manufacturing industry. Whatever the size of your organisation, no matter how many sites you manage or how many people you employ, we’ve got your payroll covered. Compliance becomes a breeze and getting your team paid on time becomes simple.

We take the time to understand your company and its needs. Our expertise means we’ll become just another member of your team, with our services seamlessly fitting with your operations!

What do our clients say?

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