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Hospitality Payroll Services

At FC Payroll Solutions, we understand the unique challenges and needs of the hospitality industry.

Our skilled and experienced team has years of experience providing flexible solutions to hospitality businesses. Our range of clients includes hotels, pubs, bars, holiday parks, restaurants and event venues. We understand the needs, pain points and frustrations that come with remaining compliant in this fast-paced industry.

As a Bacs-approved bureau, we take care of every aspect of your operation’s payroll and take the legwork out of compliance. Our highly flexible suite of services is built around your unique needs, so you can focus on the things that make your business special!

Payroll Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Our in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry allows us to deliver a full range of solutions built around your needs and budget. We know the challenges that your business faces, from high employee turnover rates to multiple payroll cycles. We also know how the complexities of payroll processing can distract you from other aspects of your operations.

Whatever your needs, our scalable hospitality payroll solutions ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time. We use HMRC-accredited payroll software, so you can think of us as your one stop shop for all your payroll needs.


How Does Payroll Outsourcing Work?

Businesses are free to manage their own payroll. But this can be logistically complicated for any business. Especially in the hospitality sector, where staffing requirements can make payroll extremely complex.

Zero-hours contracts, complex shift schedules, seasonal or bank staff and limited time and resources can muddy the waters and potentially lead to compliance issues. This is why outsourcing your payroll to an accredited Bacs-approved bureau is the perfect solution. We’ll take care of the business of paying your employees on time and accurately.

We will help with every aspect of setting up and managing your payroll, no matter how complicated your staffing arrangements. Our hospitality payroll services are built around your needs to ensure that you enjoy peace of mind without excessive costs. Payroll outsourcing directly addresses many of the frustrations experienced by businesses in the hospitality industry.

These may include:

Many hospitality businesses have a high staff turnover. The payroll issues this causes can be exacerbated by zero-hours contracts, casual employees, and differences in pay frequencies between staff members. And that’s before we get into things like overtime and double shifts.

Keeping up with this on your own can be extremely challenging. Outsourcing to a hospitality payroll specialist ensures that every member of your team is paid on time. All while remaining in line with HMRC requirements.

The fair distribution of tips and discretionary service charges is important to your team. A tronc system is an effective way of ensuring that all tips and service charges are correctly pooled and fairly distributed among your hard-working team members. When you outsource your payroll, your tronc system is also taken care of in a way that preserves employees’ exemption from NI contributions.

Businesses of all kinds have to navigate an ever-shifting landscape of legislative changes. Especially in the hospitality sector. The abolition of National Insurance for under 21s, mandatory workplace pensions, minimum wage requirements, and changing rules around Employment Allowance and NICs. It can all be enough to make your head spin! Outsourcing your payroll means that someone else bears the responsibility of keeping you compliant, no matter what legislative changes come along.

More sites and more branches bring your business more revenue. But they can also bring more problems. Each site means a new team, and a new set of payroll complications. Our suite of payroll solutions is infinitely scalable, ideal for both single venues and restaurants, holiday parks or hotel groups with multiple sites. So, we can take care of all your payroll needs as your business grows.

Why Outsource Your
Hotel, Venue or Restaurant Payroll?

The hospitality sector is fast-paced and demanding at every level. Mismanagement can lead to mistakes that make a poor impression on customers, alienate employees and damage the reputation of your brand.

When time and attention are spread too thin, managerial and executive level staff are more vulnerable to errors. These can have a trickle-down effect on your whole operation.

Outsourcing your hospitality payroll ensures that employee payments are timely, accurate and compliant. Sparing you the time and effort of having to take care of them yourself. The benefits of this speak for themselves.

Reduce the risk of errors and compliance issues

Payroll compliance is very thorny territory. It’s a potentially baffling landscape to newcomers that’s always changing in the wake of new legislation. The smallest mistake made by an overtaxed manager can have serious repercussions. Our experienced team can take care of even the most complex payroll issues, so that they no longer weigh heavy on your mind. We’ll ensure payroll accuracy and compliance, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

Maintain high employee morale

When your team are paid accurately and on time, they’re much more motivated. And when your tronc system is properly managed, they can see their rewards for going the extra mile. We take care of holiday pay, sick pay, and even pension contributions. So that your team are properly paid with no unpleasant surprises.

Save money

The hospitality industry has historically thin profit margins. As such, we can understand why canny managers may be wary of the cost of outsourcing payroll.
But doing so could actually save you money. As well as saving you the costs associated with non-compliance or poor cash flow, outsourcing your payroll can improve operational efficiency. It eliminates a set of complex administrative tasks, so you can spend more time on delivering operational excellence.

Why Choose FC Payroll Solutions?

We are an award-winning provider with a team of 37 experienced payroll professionals. Our books encompass over 1,200 happy clients of all shapes and sizes in a broad range of industries.

Whatever the size of your business, and no matter how complex your staffing arrangements, we will take care of your payroll solutions. We’ll help you get the best out of your team and take the heavy lifting out of compliance.

As your payroll partner, we take the time to understand your business, so our services can fit seamlessly into your operations. You’ll come to think of us as just another part of your team! Whether you’re outsourcing payroll for the first time or switching from another payroll services provider, you can be assured of the same high standards and expertise.

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